5 things you can do to help end mental health stigma

Hello and welcome. As you may know, we’re on a mission. We are passionately dedicated to providing behavioral & mental health support to people who need it most – where & when they need it.

You can help us change the lives of over 80 million Americans living with or caring for someone with a mental illness of disorder. With each positive message of hope and empathy one more person will come out of hiding and connect with the resources they need to address their mental health issue.

We can’t accomplish this alone. We need your help. Every day, incredible people reach out to us – through letters, on social networks, in emails and phone calls asking: “How can I help?”

Well, we’re glad you asked. Here’s a list of 5 things you can do to help end mental health stigma:

  1. Connect with us! We’re on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram every day. We promise to deliver you news, inspiration and education so you can…
  2. Scale our messages. Share, Repost and Retweet any of our messages that resonate and motivate your audience to get involved.
  3. Sign up for our email newsletter, The Chatter. Every Friday we’ll share the top mental health news and include expert’s reactions. We also include upcoming event information you need to know.
  4. Participate in our events. Throughout the year, we organize and support dozens of events – from fitness to fun to fundraising, we’re always looking for people to grow a mustache or run a 5K with us.
  5. Make a donation. As our projects grow, so does the financial requirement. Our operations are privately funded, which means 100% of your donation goes towards providing behavioral and mental health support directly to people who need it most. Just as our mission states. Please visit our support page. Your donation can be directed toward a specific community, project or our programs in general. If you choose, you can even select a thank-you gift to wear with pride, knowing you helped change the life of someone in need.
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