Real Chats with Jennifer Fliegel

Real Chats with Jennifer Fliegel

Jennifer grew up in Montgomery County, MD. She went to Towson University, got married, moved to Chicago and about a year and a half ago, began to live her life.

PROJECT 375: What is your diagnosis? 

Jennifer Fliegel: Bipolar Disorder II, with mixed episodes.

PROJECT 375: When you wake up in the morning do you know what kind of day you are going to have?

Jennifer Fliegel: I guess I don’t think about it. Instead of trying to determine what will happen, I try to enjoy (or at least deal with) what does happen.

PROJECT 375: What is your dream job?

Jennifer Fliegel: Nothing. Not ever. Everything I have done or was done to me made me who I am now. And I like me now. The only path to now is then. So, if there is anything at all that is good in your life now, you have to accept everything that lead up to it.

PROJECT 375: Who is your hero?

Jennifer Fliegel: There are people I admire. Eleanor Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, Robin Williams, Rosa Parks, Nelly Bly. But my heroes are the quiet, everyday people who survive (and even thrive) while dealing with terrible suffering in their personal lives.

PROJECT 375: Who would you want with you if you were stranded on a deserted island?

Jennifer Fliegel: My roommate. He’s my best friend. He’s funny and smart and caring.

PROJECT 375: What is your favorite memory?

Jennifer Fliegel: Standing under the night sky in the Colorado Rockies.

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