REAL CHATS with Jasmine Jackson

REAL CHATS with Jasmine Jackson

Jasmine was born and raised in Chicago, IL. She is the oldest of five children from her mother’s side, and the oldest of two from her dad’s side. Growing up she encountered some very tragic and emotional events, more than any child should have to endure. In 2005 she was happily reacquainted with a high school crush and together they had their first son in 2006. In 2008, they moved to Lincoln. They have now been happily married for almost five years and have two beautiful boys.

PROJECT 375: How do you define family?

Jasmine Jackson: I define family as those you value the most in life, and they do the same. Family is a group of people who are there for you no matter what, through thick and thin. Family loves you UNCONDITIONALLY without judgement or ridicule. Family has your back and will go to blows for you if needed. Family is protection. Family NEVER abandons you. Family can be anyone.  It doesn’t have to be a blood relative. Blood is not always thicker than water. Some “family” members cause more distress than those we’ve chosen. In addition, family is a strong unit able to face and overcome anything due to the love and commitment they share.

PROJECT 375: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

Jasmine Jackson: In 5 years I see myself in such a different place.  I won’t be able to recognize the person I’ve become. I will have finished my book, opened my girls’ home and found my true purpose in life.  I will be living out my full potential. I will be telling my story and reaching out to anyone I can which will help those I encounter. I will have a house and my marriage will have grown in ways beyond measure.  My family as a whole will be stronger than ever. In 5 years I will have overcome a lot of the obstacles that continue to hold me back. My mental health will be fully intact and I will be healed.  My emotional scars will be obsolete. There will no longer be a need for medication.

PROJECT 375: What is your greatest passion?

Jasmine Jackson: Hmmmm.  My greatest passion? I guess I would have to say my greatest passion is helping others! It seems so strange to write.  As much as I can have going on in my life I can be so withdrawn into myself. Helping someone else always brings me joy and happiness. It’s funny that when I can barely help myself I can still find a way to help others (usually in an emotional sense). I think helping others takes the heat off what is personally going on with me.  I’m able to redirect that attention elsewhere which in turn makes me feel better.

PROJECT 375: What would be your perfect day?

Jasmine Jackson: My perfect day……man. I’m not quite sure what a perfect day would be because nothing is ever perfect.  It has been so long since I’ve had one, I don’t know what they look like anymore. I think it mostly depends on my current mood and state of mind. Sometimes a perfect day for me is just staying in the house doing absolutely nothing. Other times, that becomes overwhelming. If I had to say, I guess I would say a perfect day would be something like not having ANY worries about the little things.  On a perfect day my mood would be off the charts happy, peaceful and content. I would go on a shopping spree with no cares because money would no longer be an option. On a perfect day everything would be just right. 

PROJECT 375: What is your favorite movie and why?

Jasmine Jackson: OMG, I’ve been thinking about this movie one for a long time. I’m honestly not sure I have a favorite movie. I have several for different points in my life. When I was a child I absolutely LOVED Moonwalker with Michael Jackson. I was a huge fan of his and I watched the movie so much my family hid it! It has never been found! I also loved Roger Rabbit and The Five Heartbeats at this time. During my teenage years my favorites were Love and Basketball, The Best Man, and Two Can Play That Game. All of my favorites are based on love that made it in spite of the odds. To this day whenever Sister Act 2 is on, I somehow manage to get sucked in. Same goes for Five Heartbeats. So I guess I would have to say those are my favorites. They are both music based and I love music! After writing, music is the next best outlet and coping mechanism for me. 

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