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Arian Foster Gets Behind Effort To Fight Stigma of Mental Illness

As seen in Huffington Post by Brandon Marshall on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

CBS called him “the most interesting man” in football. Sure, Arian Foster is a two-time NFL Rushing Touchdowns leader and four-time Pro Bowl star, but he’s also an aspiring actor, avid poet, amateur piano player and former college philosophy major, along with being a humanitarian and philanthropist.

Now Arian accepts a new distinction – as the first member of PROJECT 375’s Founder’s Circle.

My wife Michi and I launched the nonprofit PROJECT 375 with the mission of ending the stigma surrounding mental illness and disorders. Our Founder’s Circle will be a group of high-profile individuals across entertainment, sports, politics and business willing to stand up, speak out, and start a conversation that encourages others to recognize symptoms and seek help.

Arian is passionately committed to addressing the challenges of mental health as a part of his life’s work. In a recent conversation with me, he honestly discussed the mistakes in his past, his sister who suffers from Bipolar disorder, and his hope for creating positive change.

See my complete interview with Arian Foster here.

It is our purpose to be the change we want to see in the world.

United we will succeed.

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