REAL CHATS with Megan Armstrong

REAL CHATS with Megan Armstrong

PROJECT 375: If you could live in a book, TV show or movie, what would it be?

Megan: Oh boy. This is a thinker. There are so many wonderful books, TV shows and movies that I connect with and enjoy. So many brilliant people have created art and characters that influence me. I’m sure once I choose one answer, I’ll think of another one that I like, but if I have to choose: I think I might have to go with a hybrid world between Almost Famous and Gossip Girl. Almost Famous is about a kid who dreams of writing about his favorite musicians and ends up touring with a big-time band and learning a bunch of invaluable lessons; similarly, in my career, in my life, I want to work beside people I admire, people who are great, doing work I’m passionate about and want to share. Combine that with Gossip Girl–a series about the privileged lives of the rich and charmed on the Upper East Side. I do not relate to the plot in the sense that I am not rich and none of the characters’ outlandish experiences have been mine, but I relate on an emotional and human level. If I were to live inside that world, I would want to use my money and social power for good and to explore our world. (Or, you know, Harry Potter is always an option. Being able to run around using magic.) 

PROJECT 375: In what ways do you hold yourself back?

Megan: I’m a perfectionist. I expect the absolute highest standard from myself, in everything that I do and every piece of who I am, which is a good quality unless I beat myself up when I fall short. I guess the typical way of describing someone like me is my own worst critic, and that’s fair, but I do think it comes from a good place. I want to be great, and I get anxious and self-destructive when entertaining the possibility that I’m not great or I won’t be all that I wish to be. I need to do a better job of accepting that I’m a human being who can only do her best. I have to keep learning how to trust life’s process. 

PROJECT 375: What makes you happiest?

Megan:I think I’m happiest when I’m expressing who I am creatively and fully, and I feel like I’m being heard—when other people let me see them in the same way. Just having true connections. If I were to paint a picture of happiness, at this moment in my life, this would be it: A beautiful day in my hometown, Kansas City, with people I love would lead into a beautiful night with stars above at Children’s Mercy Park watching Sporting Kansas City win in dramatic fashion, then all 20,000 of us–coaches, players, supporters, all of us together–would flood the field and all of my favorite musicians perform for us all until the sun reappeared.

PROJECT 375: What motivates you to succeed?

Megan: For as long as I can remember, wanting to succeed has burned inside of me. My competitive nature plays into that motivation, but I think deeper than that I just want to send great, sincere things out into the universe. Success is believing in the work you do and earning the respect to be able to work alongside good people who believe in and are great at what they do. I want the best parts of me to win out, and I want my best to bring out the best in others. All of who I am is not defined by what I do, but the creating and writing I do is definitely a big part of my identity, and I wish to do it at the highest level.

PROJECT 375: What is your favorite activity?

Megan: Creating, and that can happen in many different forms. Creating can mean writing, having meaningful conversations casually and personally or interviewing interesting people professionally, learning, watching something or just playing around. If an activity leaves me with something I did not feel, have or know before I participated, then it’s my favorite.

PROJECT 375: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Megan: I’m not sure I have a predestined city or country in mind, and I want to travel as many places as possible, but I do have one vision. I want to travel to the most beautiful mountains in the world. I want to learn how to snowboard really well so, during the day, I’d weave down the mountain and feel the wind on my face, feel my heart bursting from adrenaline, or jump high in the air and, if but for a second, feel weightless. At night, I’d want to go back to my cozy cabin that overlooks everything beautiful for as far as I could see. 

PROJECT 375: What is your diagnosis?

Megan: I’m diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, depression and an unspecified mood disorder.

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