Real Chat with Todd Billings

Real Chat with Todd Billings

Todd is a proud father and husband living in Chicago, Illinois. He is an avid sports fan and enjoys taking advantage of all the great activities Chicago has to offer.

PROJECT 375: What is your favorite family activity?

Todd Billings: Spending as much time with my kids as possible. That’s the nice thing about being a younger parent. My wife and I are both forty. Our children are 22, 19, 17 & 16 so that kind of allows us to do more, whether it’s a ballgame, driving lessons or the mall!  I also love having date night with my wife once a week. Dinner and a movie away gives us a break from the daily grind!!

PROJECT 375:  What is one thing you must do daily?

Todd Billings:  I absolutely must read a few verses of scripture, kiss my wife and tell her I love her, say bye to my kids and have my coffee on the way to work. There’s also the “Smile to 1 person whom you never thought you would” thing I do too… It just “might” change yours/their day/life.

PROJECT 375: How have sports influenced your life?

Todd Billings: I’ve always loved sports! When I was growing up, my father was older, so we weren’t able to do much, so now sports are yet another way for me to bond with my kids. That’s how I was able to start talking with Brandon Marshall. My daughter and I caught up with him one day waiting for an autograph and the rest is history! Some people don’t realize that even though he got sort of a bad rap from some of the media, he really, truly is an awesome, friendly & down to earth guy who has overcome a boatload of struggles and helped me do the same. It’s like he was the voice I thought I never could have and I’m proud of all the work he does not only on the field, but obviously off the field as well!

PROJECT 375: What about Chicago do you love most?

Todd Billings: Chicago? I love everything about this city. No matter what time of day or night you go out, you can always find something to do! The activities around the city are fantastic. The museums, the concerts, the ballgames…. Outdoor things like races, shopping, etc. are great, too!

PROJECT 375: What would constitute a perfect day to you?

Todd Billings: A perfect day to me would be being able to let myself know that I did all I could and that I was somebody who made everybody feel like a somebody!

PROJECT 375: What in your life are you most proud of?

Todd Billings:  In life, I am most proud of how my family has turned out and how everybody in it knows that there is always room for improvement. We’re all blessed in different ways!

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